Taco Tuesday…wtf is a jicama?


Okay…so the lentil tacos are tasty as hell, ESPECIALLY the sweet fresh herb salsa. I would never have thought of combining those flavours into a salsa to go with tacos. These Thugs are geniuses.

But….I did sort of…divert from the recipe a little…sort of accidentally? Well…unintentionally.

I didn’t read through the recipe properly in the morning before I went food shopping. (I know, I know. I can just imagine Thug Kitchen rolling their eyes right now. What is the first rule of Thug Kitchen? READ THE FUCKING RECIPE)

So I forgot all about the carrot-jicama slaw. I just noticed it said something about cucumber and thought, yeah that’s fine. I’ve got that in the fridge. When I opened the book later, I realised I didn’t have carrots and I don’t even know what the hell a jicama is. I tried rubbing a potato and an apple together, but it didn’t work. Those bastards wouldn’t fuse.

So it ended up being lentil tacos with cucumber match-sticks instead. And every taco needs jalepinos. That should be a rule in life. If ever you see a taco, you MUST add jalepinos. So the whole thing looked very green.

My final thought: I think I’m in love with toasted sesame oil. It might be a passing infatuation, it might be the kind of love they write songs about. I’m not sure yet. But for now it’s good. Very very good.


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