Size Does Matter


I followed the instructions and built a salad, AKA “Plant Nachos.”

(“Plant Nachos” Who would’ve thought to call it that….Gotta love those Thugs.)

FullSizeRender (57)

It tasted good, but a salad is a salad, and not the most exciting thing in the world unless you pair it with one of the dope dressings that the Thugs have created. I haven’t got round to making one for the blog yet, so I went naked on this one, but if I’d planned ahead I would’ve made the tahini dressing. It’s fucking goooood.

But seeing as I was going naked on this one anyways I thought I’d place a giant courgette/zucchini/green phallus next to the bowl. Just to keep things in perspective.

A salad may not be the most thrilling thing in the world, but I’d still rather be eating one, than tossing one…Let’s just leave it at that.




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