Peace, Love and Griddle Cakes

I had never made griddle cakes before. Had never even seen one before I had one on my frying pan.

Relax! I’m not a freak. I Google imaged it before I started. But still. I’m talking Real Life, people! I’d never seen one in RL. You remember real life, right? It’s that thing that exists outside of the internet.

So this recipe was fun to make, and an awesome surprise when the rest of the family woke up to the sweeeeet smell of these bad boys. I was surprised that there was no regular flour in this, but that’s sorta cool. White carbs make me tired once they “wear off”. They’re sorta like drugs. The comedown aint always fun. #HeadacheCity


I homemade the oat flour. I love oats. They’re so good for lowering cholesterol. So if you haven’t made these tasty sons-of-bitches yet get hold of your copy of the first TK cookbook and get stuck in! No excuse not to eat decadently while improving your health simultaneously. Yes, that’s right bitches. Simultaneously.

#NotKidding   #ImprovingHealthThroughFoods

FullSizeRender (61)


Another cool things about these, and I’m not sure if that’s because I was fucking them up,  (like I said, I’m not 100% on how they’re meant to look in RL) but the browner ones looked sorta like swedish meat balls (AKA “frikadeller”) once they were done. So I snuck one into my kids lunchbox the next day under the guise of “supposedly-healthy fried and processed animal product”, which ironically isn’t frowned on as much as “healthy baked goods.” It’s a weird world we are living in today peeps, but I’m not here to tell people how to live their lives. Make love, not war. Make griddlecakes, not burnt mistakes 🙂

FullSizeRender (64)

Another awesome thing about this recipe, is that there was blueberry sauce left over. I added it to other stuff including the coconut cornmeal cake, which I can seriously recommend if you’re in need of a cake. Hell, screw it, I recommend that shit even if you don’t need a cake. Besides, who in their right mind doesn’t need more cake in their life? Who do these people think they are, and what the hell is wrong with them? Maybe all that cake deficiency has messed with their internal balance leading them to have delusional thoughts. Cake deficiency is a serious thing people, so do yourself a favour and go have a brownie right now. (Can I recommend the one on page 178 of the TK Party Grub book? That’s some tasty shit.)


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