Baked Okra and Potato Hash

This post is about hash. The kind you eat, not the kind you smoke. We can talk about that other kinda hash some other time.

My favourite shop EVER in this area is my local Middle Eastern shop. It’s called Bazar. They have all the best stuff in there, and the cheapest spices. If you have a local store like it, you’re a lucky son-of-a-bitch. I found fresh okra in there.

‘Yeah, take your ass down the street and try new things by supporting a local business, motherfucker.’ -Thug Kitchen, eat like you give a fuck. (p. 88)

This was great, because it meant that I could make the baked okra and potato  hash.

And I had money left over for chips and beer. Score!

Respect to cheap local stores.

Okay. So I forgot to wash the okra first, so I washed it after I had sliced it – which I’m sure didn’t help the sliminess of the situation. Rookie mistake. But hey, what’s a bit of slimy okra between friends? Feast your goddamn eyes on these little flower like slices. Mother Nature is the sort of biatch who knows exactly what she’s goddamn doing.


Now for all you Americans out there, this recipe would probably be a breeze.

a) You’d know what hash is, and what it’s supposed to look like.

b) You’d know how to cut potatoes into the size of a nickel.

For us non-US residents, well, suffice it to say I had some googling to do.

I was still a bit confused with the whole nickel thing because did the Thugs mean to slice the potato as thin as a nickel? Or literally little circles the same size as nickels? Now, I’m not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but slicing them into actual nickel shapes seemed sorta crazy to me because either you’d have to get your hands on some weird-ass long thin potatoes to get the right shape, or you’d be throwing out the bits of potato that you were cutting away when making your fucking potato-nickels. I refuse to believe that the  Thugs are food wasters, (since they’re all about using up left overs and scraps, and saving your hard-earnt cash) so I just cut the little fuckers into slices the same thickness of a nickel, and moved on with my life.


Can I just say that when it done it was goddamn delicious?! My three-year-old was wolfing it down and he doesn’t even like potatoes unless they’re fry shaped. And because it all stuck together, I even managed to get him to eat some okra. Okra! I got him to eat OKRA! Normally he might not be as inclined to try “weird-looking green stuff” but unnoticed on the back of a tasty potato it went down a treat.


Because Thug Kitchen is all vegan food, I can reassure you that there was no cheese harmed in the making of this breakfast. However, for those of you who need some cheese on the side, here it is in the form of a ‘dad-joke’:

Where did the okra go to have a few drinks with its buddies?

The Salad Bar!

Ba dum tshh!


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