Motherfucking Enchiladas: A step-by-step guide to burning sweet potato

What is it with me and burning stuff? Seriously.

I’d never made enchiladas before this. Don’t even know if I’ve had them before. I’m usually more of a taco or fajita kinda chica.

I decided rather than steam the sweet potato that I’d boil it. This was my down fall. As I left the boiling saucepan unattended to chat to my neighbour by my front door, I forgot to keep track of the time, and water levels in the pan. It wasn’t until I smelt something burnt that I realised it was too late.

So my sweet potato went from this, to this:

Sometimes a girl has just got to scrape what she can out of the pan and move on. Never look back. ‘It detracts from the now.’ – Edna Mode, The Incredibles.

So I scraped what I could, left the bottom part out, and moved on with the recipe. By now the neighbour** had gone home, probably scared away by the weird smell in my house…Which I agree was sorta weird. Like if a pumpkin with third degree burns got together with a melted piece of plastic, and had a love child, and that love child singed its arm hairs. You know?

Moral of the Story: Do as the Thugs tell you and steam your goddamn sweet potato.

Anyways, I moved on and paid extra careful attention to the rest of the recipe and it turned out amazingly. Though I gotta say, maybe I used the wrong sorta dish, because my version looked different from the one in the book. Less sauce covered.


But seriously. It was great way to pop my enchilada cherry. It was super tasty and filling. My three-year old son ate it too, so it’s not too spicy for kids. Okay, granted I had to call it ‘bean cake’ for him to try it, but once he tried it there was no going back. I mean just look at this yumminess!




I served it with some home-made plum salsa on the side (which was too hot for my kid, so I didn’t even let him try it) and BAM! Dinner was served. And fucking delicious. Nice one, Thugs!

* it works really well as left overs the next day too.

** No neighbours were harmed in the making of this food.







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  1. Damn neighbors! Mine always come to visit when I am cooking too. It’s a conspiracy. 🤓


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