Warm the Fuck up Minestrone Soup

Okay, this is a beast of a soup. If this soup was a living creature it would have sharp claws and fangs and red eyes. It’s the sort of thing that would live under your bed. But rather than existing to scare you, it would be on your side. This loyal beast would scare away any viruses that may be brewing, and exorcise your flu-demons. Shit, I speak from experience when I say that if you’ve got fever so bad that your teeth are chattering, this soup will warm you up inside, all the way down to your bones. I kid you not. Nay, I fucking shit you not.

The only two ingredients that I had to buy for this soup were celery and kale. Everything else was sorta lying around in the fridge or cupboards just waiting to be used. A lazy man’s supper. Or in my case, a flu-riddled woman’s supper.

I don’t suggest you make this when you have fever though. Unless, like the Beatles, you get a little help from your friends. Because although it will kick the flu out, like a bouncer ejecting a junkie from a night club, it still takes some prep work to make, and wielding a knife when you’re dizzy is not something I recommend.

Now if you’re not ill, then it’s super easy to make and you can rustle this bad boy up in no time. And it’s a seriously cosy winter warmer food. Definitely one I’ll be making more than once this winter. Especially now that the snow has come.


Even my three-year-old liked it. He even ate the bits of celery! (I was quite amazed)


If you’re into either healing foods or other delicious Thug Kitchen soups you gotta try their Vegetable Noodle Miso Soup, if you haven’t already. That’s one soup you don’t wanna miss if you’re ill.



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  1. This looks fuckin delish.


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