Thug Kitchen’s Second Biggest Fan

So, I found some pics on my phone. No, they weren’t dirty ones. (Trust your mind to go there!)

They were of the Herb Potato Salad that I made ages and forgot to blog about! What the hell?! How remiss of me.

I really liked this one because it was made of roasted potatoes rather than boiled, and that just gave it a little something extra. And don’t get me started on that herb dressing! It gave it a real zing with all those tangy, energizing flavours. Normal mayo potato salad is sorta slumpy, but this herby potato salad is like a real wake up call.

And I don’t mean some hideous alarm-clock-blaring-in-your-face-kinda-wake-up-call. No, I don’t mean kid-being-dragged-outta-bed-by-the-ankles-while-they-claw-at-the-covers-kinda-wake-up-call.

I’m talking about the kinda wake up call that serves you deluxe breakfast in bed with a coffee that kicks like a mule. The kinda wake up call that has you looking forward to the rest of your day, coz you’re king of the world!


I still have yet to find recipes from the Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a Fuck cookbook that I really don’t like. I find this slightly odd and mildly disturbing, yet also fucking cool at the same time. But it does mean that what started as me just liking the Thug Kitchen to a normal degree, has now turned me into some sort of mildly obsessed fan type person. Fortunately, it’s not some blindly following, born-again, freaky, ranting-raving, soap-box fandom. I’ve got it in check. I’m not a stalker type. I’m just sort of in awe.

And I’m learning shit-loads about food. (except for when I’m burning it or dropping it on the floor). It’s almost been like a cooking class for me.

If this was an addiction, I would be like a highly functioning addict, rather than a forsake-everything-else, wash-your-life-down-the-drain, type of addict. I’ve got my obsession under control. I’m not cooking in secret, or hiding the food I make in weird places, like the back of the wardrobe, or in brown paper bags.

I may be a fan, but I’m not, nor will I ever be at the stage where I’m like Kathy Bates in the movie ‘Misery’. No hobbling required. I’m quite happy to settle for second biggest Thug Kitchen fan, while the rest of you freaks are out there planning how to get them into the back of your van, down a well, and wear their skins as clothes.

Rubs The Lotion on Its Skin.

Or else it gets the hose again. Isn’t that right, precious?

I’m just happy to eat their cookies. 🙂





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  1. crystal075 says:

    This shit rocks! Nice review, thanks.

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  2. Haha- through the whole review I was thinking “why isn’t she the number one fan?!”….you made me laugh; Kathy Bates

    Liked by 1 person

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