Chocolate Dipped Tangerines: Seasonal or Seductive?

Hey Mr. Tambourine man, can you dip my tangerines, man?

So this whole Christmas thing is really happening.

I was having a small freak out about only having cooked about 47 recipes out of the 115…and heading towards the second half of this challenge, with still about 68 recipes to go.

My friend, reassuringly said, ‘it’s okay, over the holiday period you’ll get loads of recipes done.’ So I went hunting through the Good Book (nope, still not the bible – the Thug Kitchen cookbook of course) to find anything Christmassy, since I’d already baked and blogged most of the cakes, cookies, and muffins that the book had to offer. I came up Trumps! (Man, that expression just doesn’t have the same ring to it anymore, does it?)

I found these delightful little sluts: chocolate dipped tangerines.

How much more Christmassy does it get? Something about treats with oranges, or orange flavouring, just screams Christmas season. Combined with the chocolate it just screams even louder….and when you sprinkle on the sea salt, to tantalize your taste buds, it just becomes like a crazy love triangle of flavours.

Mrs. Claus serves cookies, and she’s very good at that. It’s all very cosy, warm, and asexual. But these little treats are more flirtatious somehow. A bit too risqué for Mrs. Claus. More like Mrs. Claus’ slutty younger sister. Maybe it’s the whole act of dipping them in melted chocolate. Or maybe it’s the fact that they are half-covered, half-uncovered…sorta revealing, sorta not. These treats belong in the section of the book called ‘Sweet Talk’ and for good reason, coz these will titillate your taste buds like no other seasonal treat.

They are super easy. (Yet another likeness to sluts. Just saying.)

So even I, who can sometimes be a bit disasterous easily distracted in the kitchen, could figure them out, and they didn’t take long to make.


Dip, dip, lay, motherfucker…



Don’t tell me those don’t look sexy. I can almost see them winking at me…

So then I popped them in the fridge for ten minutes because I was impatient and they came out looking like this. Still totally yummy, just a little less shiny straight from the fridge, because the chocolate had firmed up.


The Thugs say to ‘bust these out during the holidays and people will forget all about the presents.’ and you know what? I really believe them.

I served some up on a plate, put on some Christmas tunes, put on my coziest socks and got all snuggled under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate. It was the shit!


I had christmas cookies in the oven and my house smelled AMAZING. It was what the Danes call “Hygge” and it was pure bliss. It inspired me to do a little Christmas Special for you lovely thugish fuckers out there who wanna be schooled in the true meaning of “Hygge” and all the good shit that goes with it. And there are recipes. And prizes.

I’m all Christmassed up now thanks to the Thugs.

So Bring it Santa, I’m ready.



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