Weekend Treat? Thug Kitchen Biscuits with Lentil Gravy

Count down: 164 days left, 57 recipes down, 58 recipes to go.

Want a hearty breakfast?

Whether you have a hang over, or hungry kids to feed, or just an annoying cat….Look no further. These mofolios are just the thing to start your day.


My favourite thing about this recipe’s instructions is when the Thugs tell us that the flour mix should look like the sand at a shitty playground minus the glass. Who else would ever put something like that in a recipe? The craziest thing is that it’s true. Just look at this flour mixture.


I threw together the biscuits and while they were doing the funky chicken in the oven, I rustled up the lentil gravy.


(Gotta have minions in your life. They’re little yellow thugs, of the cute variety)

By the way, can I just say that I’ve never made biscuits before? They’re such an American phenomenon. I’ve never had one in my life. Thank fuck there were pictures in the cookbook or I might’ve thought they were supposed to be like the British biscuit…which is basically a cookie. But then I’d have been wondering how stoned the Thugs were when they decided to pair cookies with gravy. Nothing says desperation munchies like raiding a nearly empty fridge and coming back with nothing but pineapple and peanut butter.

Anyway, back to the lentil gravy. It was sorta gross mixing the broth with the flour. Talk about lumpy. This is the broth before and after mixing with flour. I spared you the vomit-textured photo in the middle. (Though now your imagination is probably cooking up images that are way worse in your head than it was in real life). But for reals, how cool are those colours? They look like some sort of healthy fruit juice or even a cocktail…You’d never know that was TK homemade scrap broth.

Once we had the broth ready, I added it to the lentils along with the other ingredients and whizzed it up real good. The kitchen was really starting to smell amazing by this stage.


The timing was perfect! Just as the biscuits were done-warm little fluffy clouds of comfort food that they were-so was the lentil gravy. The pair went together perfectly. Like peanut butter and jelly, or salt and vinegar, or a martini and an olive….or maybe even like pickles and ice cream. (No? Just got the munchies again?)



So delicious. And it won’t take many of these bad boys to fill you up. (Unless you’re eating for two…is that why you wanted pickles with ice cream?)







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