Whatdya Mean I Can’t Have a Cocktail for Breakfast?

Life’s rules are meant to be broken.

Every day should feel like a party, otherwise what the hell is the point? I try to think of little ways to make the mundane feel festive.

So, when I made this yummy Thug Kitchen Fruit Salad Smoothie for breakfast I decided to give you two options. You can have it the normal way. The plain way…Or as I prefer to think of it-the Spartan way.

Or you can try it the way that will make the neighbours think you’re a bit weird (if they don’t already). If you go as far as drinking it like this outside on your porch I guarantee your reputation for being odd will flourish, and if you wear a weird hat at the same time, people will soon start crossing to the other side of the street in avoidance when they see you coming.

I feel like there’s no further need for introduction or explanation.

Option One: The sane, normal way. You could even pair it with a yummy breakfast bar.

This way it’s a tasty and healthy breakfast option. Normal breakfast, normal day.



Option Two: You dress that shit up.

You go to town on its ass.

You bring it like it’s never been brought before.

This way you start the day with a cocktail. You can pretend you’re on holiday.



Your choice. Your life.

I know which one I prefer. And I know which one my 4-year-old kid prefers. And whatever gets him eating/drinking/absorbing spinach, and other green things like kale, will always be the option I go with. Even if it is some intravenous-brussels-sprout-drip action. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. (Side note: being a parent is ALWAYS considered a time of desperation. Just for the record.)

But seriously, stick a green smoothie in a Star Wars cup and call it a Yoda, and that shit will be popular with the kids. And even some adults.

                                           Even Heartless Robots Love Smoothies



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