Maple Granola Like You’ve Never had it Before

65 recipes down, 50 recipes to go, 126 days left of challenge.

This morning started with granola.

Granola and laughter.

The laughter was a direct result of blow drying my hair. I was dressed in nothing but leggings and a bra when the doorbell rang and I heard nothing over the hairdryer, so my four-year-old son decided to answer the door for me to reveal the postman, who of course saw me dancing around half-naked, singing into the hairdryer. After the awkward, yet funny, signing for the parcel I thought I really need more coffee…and breakfast. That’s where this amazing granola comes in.

I made this maple granola the other day and it was super fast and easy to throw together. It also has the added bonus of making your home smell like the inside of the house in the woods that Hansel and Gretel discovered – minus the witch. (Though I am sure she was just some misunderstood wise woman/herbalist in the wrong place, at the wrong time.)

After being in the oven for 40 minutes it came out crunchy and divine. I stirred in some raisins, and it was ready to go.

It works so well with so many things. On top of smoothie bowls, sprinkled on yogurt, scattered over ricepudding…Whatever goodness your imagination can conceive, that’s where this stuff belongs.

My kid loves it almost as much as he loves opening the front door to strangers, so it’s got the kiddy seal of approval too, despite being a healthyish alternative to sugary store-bought breakfast options.


The great thing with this granola is that it’s like the little black dress of foods…You can dress it up, or dress it down depending on mood and occasion. You could grab it quickly and throw it over some fairly plain yogurt, or have it decadently on chocolate mousse, or alongside banana slices, cacao nibs, and cinnamon on a  peanut butter and chocolate oatmilk smoothie bowl. The sky’s the limit!


And you can make so many different variations of the granola as well, with all the Thug Kitchen add-in ideas. I like it with raisins and almonds, but hazelnuts are amazing too. Next time I wanna try dried cherries if I can get my hands on some.

Like the Thugs said ‘make this granola and see what the fuck you’ve been missing.’



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