Better Scramble if You Want One of These Tacos!

The Challenge: To cook all 115 Thug Kitchen recipes from their first book Eat Like You Give

a Fuck within 365 days.

67 recipes down, 48 recipes to go, 120 days left of challenge.

So I’m beginning to freak out a teensy bit-120 days is 17 weeks-which is 4 months and a bit. That’s not really that long to Cook nearly 50 recipes in. Will I be able to make it? There are some ingredients I can’t even find over here, like grits, and tomatillos. On top of that my usual tempeh supplier has stopped selling. (Makes tempeh sound like drugs, and like my dealer got busted. My usual tempeh fix has been sabotaged. Shit.)

In the middle of this challenge I’m also moving home, and who the hell knows when my kitchen  and internet will be up and running again after the move. Oh well. Fuck it. Let’s go bowling. The Thugs say we, the readers, are ‘scrappy as fuck’ (page xviii) so I think even if I just have a wok, a couple of bowls and a knife I can make this shit happen. I’ll fucking eat noodles with straws for chop sticks if I have to. The missing ingredients….well that’s a different story.

But hey, it’s hard to be worried about anything, when you feel this chill (no it’s not the tempeh) It’s because today’s Taco Tuesday.

Aint got no place to lay your head? Someone came and took your bed? Don’t worry-it’s Taco Tuesday!

Your landlord says your rent is late? He may have to litigate? Don’t worry-it’s Taco Tuesday!

So I made Thug Kitchen Tofu Scramble Tacos. I had some mixed feelings about the tofu going in there, since I’ve never been a fan of the stuff. But I decided to trust the Thugs and just go for it.


Once all the veggies were in, I crumbled in the tofu. Afterwards, I added soy sauce, lemon juice, and the spices and by now the kitchen was smelling damn good! Look at the colour of the red peppers and the broccoli. No soggy-ass trees here!




I mixed it like a bad DJ from the 80s, and it came out a nice, spiced light brown. I tried not to drool while I loaded up my tortilla, and mid-shake of the hot sauce bottle I realised that I’d left out the fucking grated carrot!



Shit. Oh well, there were no carrots in the house, my kid had munched them all, so tough shit. The scramble tacos tasted amazing just the way they were, and they were just the right level of spice for a savory breakfast. My husband added shit loads of jalapenos to take the heat up a notch, but he’s a bit crazy.

I’d definitely make these mofos again. They’d make a good dinner food too. And they were quick and easy so good for a week night.


That’s a wrap!




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