Burritos, baby

The challenge: cook all the recipes from the first TK book within a year.  We are 88 recipes down, with 27 recipes to go. 44 days left.

I find myself nursing my arm as I’ve picked up a Repetitive Strain Injury during the move. Does this mean I’m giving up? Bailing on the blog and the challenge? No fucking way.

Does it mean I’m swearing more than usual because I’m frustrated at not being able to use my right hand? Yes, yes, it fucking does.

I’ve made myself a crazy sling and although I cant cook left handed- not with knives anyway-I’m  lucky enough that I prepped some of the recipes before the big move but just hadn’t had the time to blog about them yet. So this is my first lefthanded blog.

And it’s all about burritos.

Roasted chickpea and broccoli burritos.

These are so unbelievably easy to make. And for something so easy, they’re damn tasty too.

Just mix all the ingredients together and throw in the oven.


Later add the secret ingredient (it’s on page 165, my dear mofos. Go check page 165. Oh screw it. It’s garlic. The secret ingredient is garlic. You’d already know this if you had your own book. How you live life without it is beyond me) and throw it all back in the oven again.



When it’s done wrap some of this goodness in a burrito like you’re wrapping a baby in a cotton blanket. A burrito baby. (Shout out to baby Eyad!) Then chow down. Like you would with a regular baby-free burrito.

The Thugs recommend fire roasted salsa but I cant find fire roasted tomatoes here so I cheated and used store-bought regular. Next time we grill I’ll throw some tomatoes on the BBQ and make some fire roasted salsa from scratch.

Done and done!

I give this recipe 10 out of 10 babbling burrito babies. Easy, delicious, healthy. Everything you want in a burrito.


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