Don’t Fear the Cauliflower

Shit. It’s been 12 days since I last posted. With 22 days and 21 recipes left this laziness will not stand.

We are nearing the sprint at the end of the marathon. I think I’m gonna have to cook and blog nearly every day now to make the deadline. When we ran the sprint at school my old P.E. teacher used to tell me to think light fluffy thoughts (because apparently I was clomping my feet like a heavy elephant) so I’m trying to be all light and breezy about it. 21 recipes in 22 days? No problem! An arm that’s still a bit iffy after a Repetitive Strain Injury? No fucking worries. I can’t wash the dishes, or chop anything without assistance, but goddamn I’m a pro stirring a spoon left handed. Somehow it will come together perfectly.

Just like this next recipe which has flavours that fuse so perfectly that I think extraterrestrials have had a hand in its making. Maybe I’ll ask the Thugs if they woke up one day feeling probed, yet oddly inspired.

These are the roasted beer and lime cauliflower tacos with cilantro coleslaw.


I know a lot of thoughts are running through your head right now. But don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t fear the cauliflower. It means you no harm-it comes in peace. You got this.

This recipe is super easy, and tasty as hell. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like these because I can’t stand the taste of beer (Don’t judge me. it’s the after taste okay?!) but the beer flavour was subtle enough that I could join the beer lovers in enjoying the shit outta these crunchy and tantalising flavoured fuckers.

I chopped the not-to-be-dreaded cauliflower and simmered it in the secret concoction. If you wanna know exactly what was in there other than beer and lime juice, grab your copy of the Thug Kitchen official cookbook and turn to page 166 to get the deets. You will not be disappointed I promise. (You haven’t got your own book yet? WTF are you waiting for?!?)

After mixing the spices with the simmered and drained cauliflower, and some randomly chopped onion, I threw it all in the oven and baked it as per instructed.

It came out a beautiful light golden colour, and smelled amazing. The lime and beer were subtle, but still complimentary of one another. (Like when you shove a lime wedge in your corona bottle and drink it in the sunshine. That shit makes a beer drinker’s soul happy.)



I went to rustle up the quick lime and cilantro slaw from page 168, and realised to my momentary horror that the cilantro had wilted at the back of my fridge. (The Europeans amongst us probably know cilantro as coriander. Just FYI) But no matter what you call this green tasty plant, it was dead and wasn’t going anywhere near my delicious tacos. So what’s a girl to do? Lose her shit? Of course not. I subbed in the dried herb and hoped for the best. I’m sure it’s not the same AT ALL, but hey food is food, coriander is cilantro, and the show goes on.

(Ahem. This might also be a good time to tell you that even though the Thugs suggested having it with the fire roasted salsa, I didn’t have any at the time so I used…cough cough…store-bought salsa. I know, it’s disgraceful. I will repent for my salsa sins in the corner while saying ten Hail-thugs.)

Once these bad boys were loaded into crunchy warm tacos shells all my troubles had melted away, and by the time the flavours hit my taste buds, actual bliss had washed over me. A sense of calm entered my body, that only a fellow taco-eater could ever fully understand. Screw meditation or yoga retreats…the world needs more taco retreats!


Thug Kitchen is making the world a better place, one taco at a time. If we all had tasty tacos in our tummies, there may just be World Peace.

Deep but true, Deep but true.

I’d do a taco drop here at the end, instead of a mic drop, to really drive the point home, you know? But I just hate to waste good food.


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