Give Peas a Chance


The challenge: To cook all 115 recipes from the Thug Kitchen official cookbook within a year. With only 17 days left of this challenge, and 18 recipes to go  I’m trying to stay fucking calm and carry on cooking.

In this crazy world we are living in, sometimes we just need to give peas a chance.

So I did, and these yellow split pea lettuce wraps were amazing.


Little bundles of crunchy joy. Bursting with flavour, the dipping sauce complements the shit outta the lettuce wraps (or “little salad presents” as my 4-year-old called them)

This is the first time I’ve had yellow split peas in years. It’s only the second time I’ve ever had them in my life. I’d sorta given up on yellow peas because they hadn’t even been cooked properly and were rock hard in the middle. Sorta dry too. Disgusting. No fun at all. To say that Thug Kitchen way is much better would be the understatement of the year. Life is just too short for bland food and uncooked peas.

I gotta say though, Ladies, there is no cute, dainty, ladylike way to eat these tasty little fuckers. The filling WILL go everywhere. It just will. It will get in your hair and go down your top. And you will get dipping sauce up your arms. Don’t ask me how. It just will.

Anyway, I had time on my hands, and the sun was shining so I decided to make the Peach-Mint Sun Tea too.

‘If a peach pie, mint julep and sun tea had a three-way, you’d get this refreshing fucker’ – Thug Kitchen

Those thugs are hilarious.

I left the tea to steep in the sun for 5-6 hours and then added the other ingredients and blended them all to smithereens. I left the peach skins on because…well…Who doesn’t want a peach skin floating around in their beverage?

It tasted lovely. Really refreshing.  Minty and peachy and fresh. I was totally bummed when I realised we were out of ice cubes. How the hell could I not have realised that?! I was kicking myself because the ice was really key to the whole chilling in the sun with beverage experience, but I saved some of the sun tea in the fridge till the ice had set so I could have some later with cubes.


Now that’s the way to enjoy summer.


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