Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes, Thug Style.

The challenge: To cook all the glorious recipes in the first Thug Kitchen cookbook within 365 days. Only one week left, and still 9 recipes to go.

Today I am pooped. I spent all day in the kitchen yesterday baking cupcakes and making the most amazing chocolate truffles and just do not feel like cooking today. (Check out the recipe for the truffles here.) I am wiped out. So today is leftover noodles day. But fortunately I made Thug Kitchen pancakes the other day, so here we go.

I made these fluffy banana pancakes.



Today let’s keep it short and sweet. We all know how a pancake’s supposed to taste, and these pancakes have it all. Fluffy yet firm. Sweet, but not too sweet, from the bananas.


You can dress them up with maple syrup, fruit, and desiccated coconut. Or  you can dress them down by having them with baked beans or other more savory stuff on the side. Either way they are delicious.




Feast on these till you’re filled to the brim. Then flip a coin to see who’s on clean up duty.



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