Welcome to the Swamp


Today’s blog post is as quick to read as this smoothie is to make.

I’m loving the third book right now. (This one.) So I decided to turn to page 137 and make the Whateverthefuck Fruit Smoothie, because today I felt like drinking my greens.

I had some spinach that really needed using, which inspired this whole thing. I was lucky enough to have some other good shit like strawberries and nectarines lying around. And there are always bananas on hand to feed my four-year-old’s crazy banana habit. Seriously, he’s like a monkey in a human-suit.

I threw in some left over coconut milk and some cold water, and whizzed it up real nice.(for exact quantities of fruit and fluids check page 137. You know you want to.)


I used to share a house with some cool peeps, and whenever I’d try to be healthy and have a green smoothie my house mate would make a ‘yuck face’ and call it my swamp water.

I think I made weird combinations back then. My blender was old, my knowledge of flavour combinations non-existant. I’d throw in too many carrots and there’d always be random veggie chunks that I just couldn’t get smooth. The word ‘chunks’ is hardly very appetising. It would look like grass in a glass, and it never tasted very good. I’d chew my way through half of it, gag a little, and decide there were easier ways to be healthy.

Now this smoothie is a different story. Perfect proportion of fruit to greens ratio. Tastes amazing. Not too runny, not too thick. Perfecto. Still bears a resemblance to my old “swamp water” but tastes nothing like it. This smoothie I could drink time and again, whereas that other shit couldn’t disappear down the drain fast enough. I’d even buy one of these at a smoothie bar in town if they had them.


This smoothie is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and as green as Yoda’s earlobes. I dressed it up with a sprig of mint, and ate a passionfruit on the side. (Have you eaten a pasionfruit recently? If not, get your butt to the store and sink your teeth into heaven.)

So I feel like I’ve revisited the swamp, and overcome my fears, because rather than meeting some gnarly swamp monster there, I found something tasty.

I’ll be back to frequent this swamp bar again.


For those of you who love spinach (and eat eggs) check out these crazy-easy-to-make Popeye Pancakes. Recipe here.

You can never have too much spinach in your life. Beat Popeye at arm wrestling, laugh in his face.



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