Be Weird: Grill Romaine Hearts with Avocado Lime Dressing

Come with me, come on! Hurry! Today we’re gonna check out the lettuce in its natural habitat.

*tears through garden, swatting branches out of the way*

Quick, come with me!

Shhh, shhh! See it over there? Lying on that plate relaxing? We’ve gotta sneak up on it quietly.

*crouches down in foliage*

Don’t disturb the lettuce, or it will alert the others to our presence. Once a herd of lettuce sense danger they flee, and then there’s no knowing when they will next be spotted. Some breeds like iceberg and romaine, which used to be common, are now especially rare, and it can sometimes be months between sightings. It’s due to their often misunderstood, shy nature. Another lesser known fact about Romaine, is its love of warmth and adventure. Despite its shy nature, it is a risk-taker and thrill seeker. Therefore, this leaf is especially fond of being grilled, which is why we are here today. To witness one such grilling.


It may seem insane to grill Romaine lettuce at first, but couple it with the Thug Kitchen avocado lime dressing and it’s crunchy creamy tangy taste bud heaven. For the full recipe and instructions click HERE and be teleported over to the fantastic Thug Kitchen blog. * Thug Kitchen are culinary geniuses, innovators and kitchen trailblazers. Truth.

Now go surprise summer guests by throwing unusual stuff on the BBQ just to see what happens. **

Go on, get in touch with your inner weirdo.


*Okay, you won’t really be teleported…but wouldn’t it be cool if you were?

** By unusual stuff I mean unusual vegetables, not an old tennis shoe. Use some fucking common sense, okay?


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