Out of This World Tahini Fudge


If I love Thug Kitchen to the moon and back, then I love this fudge to the sun. Or fuck it, to Antares. That’s some crazy celestial love right there, coz that Antares fucker is one big red supergiant. Massive.

I wanted to make a gift for some friends that we were seeing for dinner, and thought I’d give this recipe a whirl. I didn’t have the pistachios, but had some pecans and almonds and the Thugs had given their good word (via the book, alas not in Real Life) that you could sub the pistachios for any chopped nuts.


First off, can I just say that this is the EASIEST recipe in the WORLD. In the known universe even. Just add the ingredients and whizz them up in the food processor or blender till it’s all smooth and velvety. Just look at that gorgeous creamy consistency. Just seeing the picture makes me wanna stick my finger in there. Yum.

Then watch that creamy goodness trickle off your spoon into your pan. Try not to drop your phone into the pan as you take random photographs for your blog (ahem.) and then sprinkle your nuts on top.


Lastly, pop it all in the fridge and voila, you have perfect Thug Kitchen tahini fudge.

20170726_125434The only thing I’d say about this fudge, is that it’s more the eat-straight-from-the-fridge-with-a-spoon, gooey kind of fudge. It’s not the sets-really-firm kinda fudge, like the English style fudge I was expecting it to be. So I couldn’t really cut it into clear little squares to throw in a cellophane bag as a ‘Thanks for having us over for dinner’ kinda offering. So when it had been in the fridge for 2 hours and was still a sticky, gooey, gorgeous treat, I decided to throw it in the freezer for an hour.

When I pulled it back out an hour later, it was easy to cut into cubes. I popped it in a little tupperware and left a few squares in the dish for me to eat later. I find if you keep it in the freezer and then take it out for 5 minutes it is the perfect consistency if you don’t want fudge-fingers. Although if you do, I will not judge you. Not even a little, ’cause those are the best kinda fingers to have.  Even better than peanut butter fingers. Way better. Light-years-apart-way better.


Something about the tahini makes this the creamiest fudge I’ve ever had. It’s such a decadent treat, yet you could aaaaaaaalmost convince yourself it’s healthy because it’s mostly tahini and coconut milk.

I can definitely see how pistachios would just make it. Right now this fudge is on the brink of an orgasm and the pistachios would just send it over the edge into pure ecstasy. The fudge knows it. Thug Kitchen knows it. And if you make this amazingness, you’ll know it too.

You can find this tahini on page 172 in Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as Fuck.


I cannot rate this recipe high enough. If I had to give it a score out of five, I’d give it ten.





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