Puttanesca: Not Just a Dirty Word, Also a Dope Dinner

Polenta Puttanesca

I’m not quite sure why, but to my ears Puttanesca sounds like a dirty word. Like something you’d call a stranger’s mother during a heated argument…You know what I’m saying? It kinda just rolls off the tongue like a cuss word.

I don’t know whether it’s accidental that it sounds like a dirty word, but regardless of what it makes you think of the only thing offensive about it is that you haven’t had it sooner. Thug Kitchen Polenta Puttanesca tastes really, really good. The Thugs know it, I know it, and you can know it too if you grab a whisk and a bag of polenta right now.

The Thugs say you shouldn’t be surprised if your family leaves a tip at the table when you serve them this dope dish.

Speaking of restaurant food…Apologies for the radio silence, but I’ve been away from my kitchen and desk because I’ve been on holiday. The great thing about vacationing however, is getting to try new foods, and I was asked to review a place called The Naughty Egg while I was away. You guys would love it, the menu reminds me so much of Thug Kitchen. See what you make of the place here. I dare you not to giggle at the rude menu or salivate at the grilled halloumi burger.

So for the Polenta Puttanesca, it’s quick and easy to prep. It mainly consists of stuff you probably already have in the pantry and it can even be child friendly if your kid is into olives. (And if they aren’t just get them to pick them out and give them to you instead. You get twice as many olives, it’s a win-win.)

The polenta makes it filling, and it would work really well as a winter warmer, with the sauce giving it a new (at least to me) flavorful, tangy tomato twist. I think we can blame that good shit on the capers and olives.


Our plates went from full to empty in no time, and people were reaching for second helpings before you could say ‘I saw your sister getting puttanesca’ed behind the shed last night’

As always Thug Kitchen have made me laugh and filled my belly with some good grub. I’m looking forward to their Japchae on page 112 of 101:Fast as Fuck.

Until next time…Go Puttanesca Yourself.



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