Fast as Fuck: Amber Waves

Ever had one of those days where all your shit is going wrong? Like really, really wrong.

By the time you get home you’re exhausted. The fuck budget is really running low because you just have no more fucks to give.

This drink is made for those days. Those days when you just wanna stick it to the man. Those days where you wanna tell your boss EXACTLY where to go.

This drink is the perfect combination and ratio of tangy citrus fruit, and sweet maple syrup to ginger ale. And did I mention that it’s strong? Like, nice and strong.


Have a few of these and you will relinquish the need to stick it to the man. Hell, you won’t even remember who the man is, or was…or should be.

It took me three drinks before I realised that I’d been forgetting to put ice in.


I’ve decided after having this drink that I am in love with bourbon. Like really truly in love. Not like the passing infatuation I had with caramel vodka. That shit was destined not to last. Talk about flavour fling. (It only really pairs well with chocolate milk. -You know a relationship is going nowhere when you can only take that person to certain parties, or they only mix well with certain friends. Fuck that. It’s gotta be all or nothing.)

But Amber Waves has made me feel like bourbon is where is it at. I could go steady with bourbon. It works with so many different mixers, there’s something for every occasion. (Like Thug Kitchen Ginger Fizz, page 150 same book. *satisfied sigh* Oh yeah.)

(that’s book three: Fast as Fuck.)


And best of all…I think bourbon likes me back. I think I caught it looking at me a couple of times during the evening. I even heard it whispering my name.

It’s a real love story, with a happily ever after.


No, no. Irrefutable.




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