Ginger Fizz

‘FUCK SCURVEY. Yell it loud. Frighten the neighbours.’ -Thug Kitchen.


If I wasn’t in love with Thug Kitchen before, I certainly am now.

I was at a friend’s house and I’d brought Bourbon, a bag of tangerines, Cards Against Humanity, and the promise of a good time. I don’t know about everybody else but I was certainly having fun giggling at the Thugs’ description of this drink and juicing tangerines in the kitchen.

Takes 3 minutes to make, and you can trick your mind into thinking that what you’re doing is not only good for the soul, but also your body because of all the tangerine peels lying around when you’re done.

20170811_19534120170811_19533620170811_191333This drink is very tangeriney (if that is indeed what you choose to squeeze into it, rather than say a bunch of blood oranges) and quite soft or smooth in flavour. Bourbon is my new best friend, so a good time was had.

Besides, with a straw like this how can you not have a good time?! Just sayin’.20170811_200703

That night we cursed like sailors, got our dose of vit C, warded off scurvey, and my friend who actually works on a ship, regaled us with crazy stories of jumping into freezing water, accidentally punching her boss in the face, and watching the sun rise on the horizon of the sea.

Things got quite messy that night. It was a gradual decline: some things were drunk, some things were smoked, some foods were munched. The pages of my TK cookbook were wet from bourbon and stuck together, there were cards and plates everywhere, one of us got bit by a dog, and it seemed like such a good idea at the time to disinfect the wound with some bourbon, rather than worry about tetanus shots.

I tried to document each drink I made, for the blog, but this photo was taken after I don’t know how many Ginger Fizzes and Amber Waves. I think it’s safe to say it reflect my state of mind at the time.


If I had to choose between a Ginger Fizz or an Amber Waves…I mean, if you held me at gun point and threatened to smash my bourbon bottle if I didn’t choose, then I’d have to go with Amber. In fact, I’d go with Amber every time. Where Ginger is a sweet and demure girl, who likes to get tipsy and still sort of behave, Amber is the sort of girl who gets you shit faced every time. After hanging with Amber don’t be surprised if you wanna dance on tables and shout obscenities in the garden.

Be warned.


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