Fast as Fuck: Chipotle Caesar Salad

Et tu, Brutus?

Time to stab some processed food in the back and eat a goddamn mother fuckin’ salad. Flip it over and stab it in the front a few times too by giving it the Thug Kitchen chipotle twist, and BAM! Your lunch is served.

Having cooked all 115 recipes from the first Thug Kitchen cookbook I decided to keep cooking. Now I’m working my way through the two other cookbooks and the Thug Kitchen blog. Today it’s a recipe from the third book;  101: Fast as Fuck.

I sat down to count, to see how many recipes I’d already cooked and blogged from this book, and it’s 21 recipes out of 89, so there’s just 68 left to go. *

I made this one before packing away my Christmas mugs. I know it’s January now. Deal with it.


This recipe is a twist, nay, a screaming corkscrew on the Classic Thug Kitchen Caesar Salad. Which you should try if you haven’t already. (Page 38 first book, cough cough.) Throw in some sliced avocado and you’re in food heaven alongside a flying, angelic looking Julius Caesar who’s strumming a harp and wearing a crazy halo.

I couldn’t find any romaine, so I grabbed some spinach to pair with the kale and off we went. I dug some pumpkin seeds out of the back of the cupboard and sprinkled, and drizzled and tossed like I’d never tossed before! (It’s sounds dirtier than it actually was) The result was a beautiful, unusual salad. Usually when I think ‘salad’, I think ‘diet’, and I think ‘boring’, and I think ‘death’. This sorta salad experience is different.  It’s surprising and unexpected and will rock your world if you let it.

So pepita and chipotle your way into the new year. It’s 2018, let the good times roll!


* Even though there are over 100 recipes in this awesome cookbook, lots of the recipes at the back of the book are things like basic pots of beans, pie crusts, rice etc. In the interest of saving time and fucks given, I decided to leave those recipes out. So that leaves 89 recipes in total.




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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe

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    1. Thanks. Thug Kitchen are geniuses. 😊

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