Quinoa Nachos with Tex-Mex Queso

Quinoa. So fucking versatile.

This Andean amino-acid and protein bomb, has been used in so many different ways. From savoury dishes to friggin’ baked goods, it’s always found a way to sneak itself into a party. It’s like that one friend who just gets along with EVERYBODY. Quinoa is like the anti-clique friend who weaves seamlessly from one social scene to another, eliciting good times wherever it goes. It’s even been brought into space by NASA as fucking astronaut food. I mean how cool is that shit? This is a food that I would fucking slow clap for as it exited the room. This is a food I would bring home to meet my family after a first date. Actually screw that, I would throw rose petals at its feet and bow down before it. This shit is worshipable. But NEVER HAVE I EVER had it as taco mix before.

I thought it was amazing and worshipable before, but after trying it this way in tacos I don’t even know how to promote it higher in my food ranks. I wanna throw it a formal ceremony and give it some fancy-ass medal for versatility and constant image reinvention. But I still don’t think that would be enough. I wanna stalk it and make a weird shrine to it at the back of my closet.

You gotta try these. Just trust me on this.


I multitasked and made the Tex-Mex Queso at the same time as the Quinoa Taco Mix. If you want the recipe for the Thug Kitchen Tex-Mex Queso just click here.

Layering the nacho chips and the filling was my favourite part. I had lots of stuff to throw on top once it had been in the oven, like sliced avocado, jalepinos, and tomato salsa.



I could eat the queso on its own it was so good. And I’m gonna make more of the taco mix and freeze like the Thugs suggest on page 122 in their Fast as Fuck book. I wonder if the queso can be frozen too? If you’ve tried please let me know.

This meal was epic and I need this shit in my life again soon. So do you. Seriously.





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