Colourful Cobb Salad


It’s time to reignite your appetite for life. We are gonna reignite the shit out of it, until you’re so ravenous that you can’t contain yourself any longer. Your passion for life and for food will grow and grow, until your taste buds are dancing an ecstatic, near-orgasmic shimmy to the rhythm of life itself.

Are your chakras aligned?

Is your soul connected?

Have you got a fluffy aura?

Do you identify with wheatgrass?

Are your palms sweaty right now?

Who the fuck knows. However, one thing I do know for sure, is that you’re gonna love this Cobb Salad from the Thug Kitchen Party Grub book. It will resurrect your bored AF taste buds and remind you what it’s like to have something truly amazing, and colourful on your plate.


I had a blast making this, with music floating around the kitchen, sun shining through the window, the air smelling like spring, an avocado in my hand…I was vibing out on the small things that make life so fucking good.

Chopping chives into tiny little pieces is quite therapeutic, and with the music I was almost in a trance-like state. At peace; totally zen. And the smoky onions. Wow, they smelled so good, my mouth was watering just frying them. These soul-soothing smoky onions will connect you with The Source. The source of what you ask? The source of all onions, motherfucker.

I got so caught up in the reverie of the moment that I accidentally dropped shit loads of chickpeas  all over the floor. The great thing is the miso glaze is good at hiding any dirt the chickpeas may encounter as they roll their way to happiness under your kitchen cabinets. Besides, what’s a bit of floor food between friends? (Relax. I washed them.)


This makes such a hearty salad, with the added bulk and flavour of the protein packed chickpeas and the creamy avocado. You can bring it to a BBQ, or a party and wow the other guests with its cool presentation. You don’t have to tell them about your swirling, super-charged chakras, that can be our little secret.


If you liked the hippy craziness of this blog post then check out my other blog Crazy Hippies Happy Food.




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