A Mushroom a Day Keeps Your Hostile Prostate at Bay

Stuffed Mushrooms from the Party Grub book. (page 55)

Want less prostate cancer in your life?! ME TOO!

Dr. Michael Greger said white button mushrooms could help with prostate cancer. So I though HELL NO, I DON’T WANT PROSTATE CANCER! Fuck that shit.

Feeling a strong sense of urgency, because I feared that prostate cancer was hot on my heels, I quickly grabbed some mushrooms and set to work. (The fact that I’m a chick and I don’t even have a prostate doesn’t even come into it.)

Bad Manners (Thug Kitchen) had promised me that my party people wouldn’t be able to get enough of these warm little fuckers, so I was excited to test out if that was true.
I didn’t know if my family could be classified as my ‘party people’ but I figured if I sprung some loud music on them, threw some confetti around, and switched the lights on and off enough times they may feel like they were at a party.

I started ripping out the insides of the mushrooms while I cooked the quinoa.
By the way have you ever tried saying the word quinoa reeeeally slowly? It sounds like something the dentist would get you to say so she could look at your teeth. Try it now, really exaggerate those sounds and you’ll see what I’m saying. Get your kids in on that action. Stare at them weirdly until they join in.

I moved on to making the stuffing. I love how the Thugs/Bad Manners ask if we need help with zesting our lemons. It makes it sound like they’re going to come to our house and show us how it’s done! Now that’s the sorta support I’d pay extra for. Big moolah. If they hopped out when I opened my cookbook and were there to sous in the kitchen – WOW. I think they should offer that sort of service for sure.
You know how there’s famous people that will go visit people who are really sick as like a nice surprise for them, like the ‘Make a Wish’ foundation, where sick children will get to meet their heroes or do something really fun?
I’m just putting it out there that if Bad Manners ever wanted to come visit me in Denmark (good excuse to travel) then I’d be more than game to see them in my kitchen…and I mentioned about the prostate cancer already right?

I gave those mushrooms a stuffing that would make your aunt Mathilda blush and then threw them in the oven. We had no time to spare.

While they were in there for 15 minutes I had time to do some reading. I’m doing a book challenge right now where I plow through 100 books in a year. That may or may not seem like a lot to you, but to me that’s going to be hard to do, even if I include audiobooks, ‘coz I’m a busy mofo. I wonder if cookbooks count? What do you think? Shall I count them? Then I could count the new Brave New Meal Bad Manners cookbook that’s out soon. It’s coming out in November and if you pre-order it you can get a copy of vice house for free, which is awesome! There are some cookies in there that I want in my life NOW.

I got sucked into my book and realised just in the nick of time that the shrooms were done. A few more mins and they’d probably have been burnt.

We slapped these little cocksuckers on a plate along side the garlic pull apart bread, some roasted potatoes, and a lovely bread salad. ALL THE CARBS BABY!

It all tasted amazing, but these little dudes were perfect. The lemon zest gave it a “je ne sais quoi” sorta quality, and made them interesting in new and unusual ways. These weren’t your average run-of-the-mill mushrooms, they felt new and sort of exotic…Like stepping into a foreign land you’ve never been in before. When you’re used to beige, these were colourful. When you’re used to bustling, these were peaceful. They were just…different. I felt like I was cheating on my normal stuffed mushrooms with someone new and extravagant.
(side note: For Fucks Sake, whatever you do when you get busted by your current mushroom and they ask…so was she better? What was it like? Do not…and I mean DO NOT…hesitate and then say, “it was different.” Otherwise I guarantee you you will never taste her stuffed mushrooms again.)


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  1. Monch Weller says:

    Well, antioxidants in those mushrooms make you want to pop them caps off!


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