Keep The Vampires Out of Your Life with this Roasted Garlic Pull-Apart Bread

This is a sure-fire way of exorcising the demons. Your house will have the beautiful smell of garlic wafting around in the air while this cooks. Nothing beats that delicious smell.

There is only one thing that I love more than my son….and that’s garlic.

I mean for reals, if it was some sort of Sophie’s choice type scenario where I had to choose between garlic and my first born child…I would of course choose him, but DAMN I’d miss the garlic.

Now, you are going to LOVE making this bread. I guarantee that.

Perhaps even as much as you love your first born child.
** Don’t have kids yet? Go get to it! Don’t you know what a magical/horrifying ride awaits you?! If there’s one thing that can be said for raising human beings, it is that your life will never be the same again.

This is perfect for this time of year. Whether you celebrate Halloween, engage in witchcraft, or just have an autumnal vibe thing going on…This is the bread for you. I read somewhere that garlic boosts your immune system, so that should make it perfect for this time of year. Whether that’s true or just some placebo-voodoo-magic, who knows, but I certainly ALWAYS feel better after eating a fuck-ton of garlic.

Have I got something in my teeth?

Bad Manners/Thug Kitchen lay it out for you in real simple terms for this recipe. A blind monkey with no training could make this. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t nearly slice one of my fingers off in the process though. It was the criss-cross slicing, I wasn’t paying attention. Be careful as you slice, my sweary little friend.

First, you roast the garlic. Then you squeeze those little sons of witches into your blender along with the raw garlic and other scrummies. What a fucking genius idea to combine both raw and roasted garlic! The Thugs (aka Bad Manners) really had a brain wave when creating this recipe. It just adds such a depth of flavour.

Once everything that was meant to be sliced was sliced, and everything that was meant to be smeared was smeared, I went ahead and wrapped it all in foil like Bad Manners told me to do, and threw it in the oven.

My house was definitely exorcised! No vampires could exist in the same space as this garlic bread. So screw paying an expensive exorcist, when you can just make this bread at home. Save your hard earnt bucks for something else.
Like parsley, save your cash for parsley.

This bread is everything.

It’s got depth of flavour, and it’s just the right kind of crunchy on the outside.

You know how some wine connoisseurs swill wine around their mouth and practically gargle with it? They can tell you what region of France the wine came from, what grapes were used, and the type of wood barrels it was stored in. I bet I could intuit that shit from garlic bread too.

I haven’t tried, and I may just be delusional, but I bet I could chew it around my mouth slowly, and taste if it’s raw or roasted garlic, how long it’s been in the oven for, and even if it’s organic or not. Try this shizzel at home my intuitive friend. Join me! The longer you keep the bread in your mouth, the more it’ll give you clues (and interesting breath that will last days).


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