What gets my creative juices flowing, you ask weirdly? Cooking and THUG KITCHEN!

I’ve set myself a challenge.  I’m gonna Julie & Julia this bitch! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then Google that shit. It’s a book (and film) about a modern-day fan cooking all the recipes from a Julia Child cookbook, in a year, and blogging about it. I’m going to do the same. With less butter.)

I’m gong to cook EACH and EVERY recipe and blog about it.

I’ve looked at the first THUG KITCHEN cookbook, and counted that there’s about 115 recipes in there (that’s without even counting all their cool ‘Dropping Knowledge’ stuff).

Now I’m a lazy mofo, so I asked Siri. Siri told me that there are 365.24 days in a year. (.24 wtf?) 365 Divided by 115 makes 3.1739. So on average I need to cook a THUG KITCHEN recipe every three days.

Now this is both exciting and daunting, because I love THUG KITCHEN stuff and so far haven’t tasted anything of theirs that wasn’t good. But I’ve also been choosing stuff from the cookbooks or the blog that look good to me, you know? I’ve been selective. To cook and eat all of them…well…I’m not sure I’m gonna dig them all equally. Like beer and lime cauliflower tacos? Possibly not going to be something I’ll enjoy if I hate the flavour of beer(it’s the aftertaste, ok? Don’t shun me! It’s a legit opinion to have).

Throw in living in a small town, in a country where you can’t get all the ingredients…AND I’ve got a small child running around (who opens the freezer and starts getting food out if I’m not fast enough with the dinner, or gets into the fruit bowl and unpeels all the bananas JUST before I serve dinner). So I think it will be tricky at times. But I’m up for it. What can go wrong? It’s just some vegetables, right? (famous LW)

P.S. I wanna do this as cheaply as possible. On a shoe-string. That is, after all, part of the TK ethos. They’ve said they know us, that we are ‘scrappy as fuck’ And you know what?! They’re goddamn right!

Now let’s go cook like we give a fuck!

Update: After completing the first cookbook I’ve moved on to the next two…and the TK blog. I love those mother fucking recipes like they were my own children. So far there has only been one I haven’t liked. (Recipe, not child, so don’t worry)

So stay with me, let’s see where this goes…