Welcome to my kitchen.

I’m Camilla.

Parenting Coach,
Recovering Stress-Head,

…and many other things.

A few years back I set myself a challenge to cook all the recipes from the first Thug Kitchen (aka Bad Manners) cookbook within a year. If you’ve watched the film Julie & Julia, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, Google that shit and check out the film. It’s awesome, and I did the same, just with less butter.

Do not be fooled, these are not my pets. My cat is fatter than that, black with a white heart shape on her back, and named after a Danish dessert. My dog is a tiny white thing, less than half the size of this woofer here. But these guys are my fur-homies too.

After successfully making it – okay by the skin of my teeth, it was a messy race against time – I moved on to their two other cookbooks and the Bad Manners Blog.

I loved those mother fucking recipes like they were my own children. So far there’s only been one I haven’t liked. (Recipe, not child, so don’t worry)

Now, I have to hustle again because their new cook book Brave New Meal is out. I am cooking and blogging all 124 recipes from the new book in a 365 days/a year. Will I be able to do it? Is it humanly possible when you’ve also got 3 jobs, a kid, and two fur-babies? Who knows? Will I break?¬†
Let’s wait and see…

* I am currently doing a challenge where I read 100 books in a year. This sounds insane, but I am including the books I read out loud to my kid, so it should hopefully be possible. One down, 99 to go…
If you want to join me I’ll be posting about it in my facebook group: Five Star Parenting Playground along with lots of other parenting related bits.

Some people are surprised to hear that I am a Parenting Coach because I swear, and crack a lot of weird jokes, but I believe a sense of humour is needed when parenting. Plus I’ve got the psych degrees and experience working with families to back it up. So you know I’m good for it.

Check out my website HERE, there are tonnes of freebies available, because I believe in over-serving, not just food, but clients too.